Fullt nafn: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Gælunafn: Em

Fæðingardagur og -ár: 15. apríl 1990

Stjörnumerki: Hrútur

Háralitur: Ljóst

Augnalitur: Brúnn

Heimabær: Oxford, Englandi

Skólaleikrit sem hún hefur leikið í:
Arthur: The Younger Years [lék Morgan La Fay]
The Swallow and The Prince [lék svöluna]
The Happy Prince [óþekkt aðalhlutverk]
Lísa í Undralandi [lék reiða kokkinn]

Afrek: Fyrsta sæti í Daisy Pratt ljóðasamkeppni [1997] og hlaut hlutverk Hermione sem þúsundir af stúlkum sóttu um [2000]

Fyrirmyndir: Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Goldie Hawn, og John Cleese (næstum hauslausi Nick)


Foreldrar: Jacqueline og Chris [fráskilin]

Systkini: Yngri bróðir sem heitir Alex - hann er 3 árum yngri en Emma. [

Annað skyldfólk: Freda Watson (amma)

Gæludýr: Bubbles og Domino (kettir)

Within the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Movie

Uppáhaldssena: Trölla-atriðið

Uppáhalds töfraþula : "Petrificus Totalus!"

Favourite Movie Trick: "In the movie, I quite like the trick where I'm under the stands and I set things [Snape] on fire." (Quidditch Scene)

Uppáhaldsfrasi úr myndinni: "I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed - or worse expelled!" Hear it here!

Within the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie
On-Set Nickname: One-Take Watson!
Favourite Scene: The Gilderoy Lockhart scenes
Least-Favourite Scene: At the end where she hugs Harry [Daniel] "For starters it was 'cringe,' but then it was okay."

Favourites [General HP]
Favourite HP Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favourite HP Character: Hagrid ("because he's funny!")

Favourites [Misc]
Clothing Lines: DKNY, Gap and Harvey Nichols
Music: Bryan Adams, Suzanne Vega, Dido, and Samantha Mumba. "I enjoy all the latest stuff on the radio."
Jelly Bean Flavour: Sherbert Lemon
Animal: Cats
Sports: Tennis, Hockey and Rounders [which is somewhat like Baseball]
Movies: Julia Roberts movies (Pretty Women, Notting Hill, etc)
Good Books (but not a Favourites!): The Phantom Tollbooth and I Captured Castle
School Class: Art
Food: Italian (pasta, pizza, etc) and chocolate!

Dislikes [General HP]
Her Movie Nickname: " [My friends] don't go around calling me Hermione Granger. I am me."
When People Pronounce Hermione wrong.

Dislikes [Misc]
Music Types: Classical or Opera
School Classes: Geography, Math and Latin
Food (Least Favourite): Vegatables

Other Stuff
Quidditch Postion She'd Want to Play: Chaser
Holiday (2001) Wish: "I wish there was peace between America and Afghanistan."
Set Piece She'd Steal: One of the Chess Pieces or her Wand
Invisibility Cloak Uses: Sneaking into movies or concerts
Her First Interview: August 2000 (Announcing Cast) Watch it here!
Crushes: Prince William and Brad Pitt
First Time to America: NY Premiere of Harry Potter
TV Interviews that She Did in America: The Rosie O'Donnell Show, The Today Show, Live on Regis and Kelly, and Oprah
Enjoys: Books by Dahl (Think James and the Giant Peach)
First Book her Father Read to Her: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (by same author as above!)
Still Loves: Santa Claus
Emma's X-mas List: More Clothes