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I'm glad you've found this place: the (un-)official Harry Potter homepage in Iceland. This is a totally NON-PROFIT site, run by me personally in order to satisfy the curiosity of thousands of Icelandic Harry Potter fans (well, and also for my own pleasure).

The Books
Four Harry Potter books have already been translated into Icelandic, and all of them were in the top ten list for children's books in Iceland in 2001. The first film has been in our cinemas since November, 2001. Icelandic Harry Potter fans are eagerly awaiting the 5th book and the 2nd film.

The Webpage
I started this page in October, 2000, and I have (in May, 2002) had over 30,000 visits - which is quite good considering there are 280,000 people in Iceland! I translate material which I've picked up all over the Web and I always try to give credit where credit is due. Please let me know (ah@mmedia.is) if you think I have violated your copyright. There are now 64 pages, and over 200 pictures here.

I have also included some of my published articles about Harry Potter books (sorry, only in Icelandic).

Your Webmaster
I'm an "senior" Harry Potter fan, 46 years old as of May 14th, 2002. I have a PhD in children's Literature from University College Worcester in the UK. I'm a children's book writer and translator; I translated Philip Pullman's Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife into Icelandic and I currently have the challenging and pleasurable job of translating The Amber Spyglass.

If you want any information about Harry Potter in Iceland, please feel free to contact me (and, oh, especially if you happen to be J.K. Rowling!).

Dr. Anna Heida Palsdottir
Homepage: www.mmedia.is/ah


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